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The Day AFTER Thanksgiving..

Black Friday, or as I simply call it- the day after Thanksgiving, is a day I like to mull around in my PJs, slippers, and watch movies.. and of course, eat leftovers!  Here is one of my favorite ways to utilize leftover turkey!

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4 Easy Steps to Building a Better Sandwich

Who doesn't love a good sandwich?!  Sandwiches are versatile, easy, portable meals that can be oh so culinarily exciting.  I'm a fan, but only when they're done just right, and by that I mean; they have to be both delicious AND healthy.  I don't do healthy without the delicious part, ok?  Now that we're clear on that, here are my 4 steps to building a better sandwich.

1) Choose a bread that is nutrient- dense.  By this I mean, whole grain, ideally with ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, any kind of seeds because they add nutrition.  READ the ingredient list.  Check the fiber content, as this is key for good digestion & health.  It should contain at least 2 grams of fiber per slice, preferably more.  Skip anything that contains corn syrup, and a myriad of unrecognizable, unpronounceable ingredients.

2) Go Natural with the Protein: Select the most natural, simple source of protein available to you.  I like in- house made sliced turkey that's nitrate free, and preservative free.  In- house made means that the store/ deli made it themselves, and didn't order it from a big company where it was cooked, processed, packaged, then shipped across the country before it made it into your sandwich.  Ask your local deli about this, because most of them make their own roasted turkey, chicken, beef, etc..  It's worth the switch from the highly- processed, big- name brands that are full of preservatives and nitrates, which cause a host of health problems.  Other great protein options are last night's dinner leftovers like grilled chicken, roasted veggies, or canned wild- caught salmon (not tuna, because it's super- high in mercury).

3) Bulk up on the veggies.  Include as many fresh veggies as you do protein, from lettuce to fresh spinach, shredded cabbage and carrots, onions, peppers, you name it!  Sauerkraut is an amazing addition to your sandwich because it contains beneficial probiotics, fiber and antioxidants to further "nutri-fy" your meal!  Every meal should include veggies, and sandwiches are no exception.

4) Add Quality Condiments: this is important.  Again, reading the ingredient list of the condiments you choose to top your sandwich with is crucial, because condiments can contain the most obscure, unhealthy ingredients, and add unnecessary calories to an otherwise healthy meal.  For mayo, I recommend choosing only ones that are made with healthy oils, such as Veganaise (my favorite is the grapeseed oil kind pictured above).  Or you can make your own dressing with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and a variety of herbs and spices.  Just say no to condiments that contain things like added sugars, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and anything you can't pronounce!

I wish you delicious journey of sandwich building.. and eating!  Enjoy!

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Meatless Mondays Are For Everyone!

I am not a vegetarian, nor a vegan.  However, I do believe in meatless Monday because it gives your body a rest from digesting animal proteins which are harsh and difficult to process.  This is particularly true if you're eating non- grass-fed, very main- stream meat processed with chemicals, and raised with hormones and antibiotics; which I do not.  Even so, I still like to give my body a rest, while at the same enjoying some vegetable based recipes that are quite comforting, hearty, and of course yummy!  Here is one of my favorites!



by fitness pro Graziella Baratta, Ms United States 2008

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